Welcome to the independent record label and recording home founded by Taury CZR . Here to promote, distribute, and perform music about what comes from the heart and everything coming back around full circle. Thesis being "life becomes simple when you put the effort in." Tap in with the latest release and join the growing community of listeners!

Who is Taury CZr?

Born Taurean Cutten, Taury's journey as an artist began at an early age. Originally finding his niche as poet, he developed a passion for music somewhere along the road that never faded. Around 17-18 if you ask him, but ever since then, he has worked tirelessly to create unique and authentic sounds that appeal to audiences worldwide. After typical trials and tribulations many young artists face in his efforts to start his career, Cutten felt delusional,displaced and unmotivated to continue his passion. Within in mere minutes of calling it quits in his bedroom an idea came to him to go all in and build his own brand, and recreate his own momentum this time with no signs of slowing down. Moving the mission from Philly to the Bay Area for a change in scenery and new sense of focus to cement himself as not only a great artist but person who is a positive inspiration to others. His music reflects the experiences and emotions of his life, from love and loss to hardship and triumph. Stay tuned to see what happens next!

*CZR = Controlled Zealous Rationale

"Full Circle" Philosophy

The "Full Circle" philosophy is based on the idea "the energy we put out always find a way back to us". It never mattered where you started. Where you're at currently isn't an excuse either, but instead always how you finish. Everyday the choice is yours! That's why we focus on creating authentic and heartfelt music that will resonate with fans days after they press play. We believe that music has the power to bring people together, build communities, and promote positivity and unity. Join us in spreading the love!



Stay true to our roots and never compromise our values.


Celebrate diversity and strive to create music that appeals to a wide range of tastes. Believing that music is for everyone and welcome fans from all walks of life.

Protecting Your Energy

Know ya rights before somebody do ya wrong!


We are committed to building a community of like-minded individuals who share our love for music and progressional thinking.

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